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I'm a techie and foodie and I try to enjoy life by being the best at what I am. I love my wife and 2 kids, they are that sweet dream I long for and was lucky beyond imagination to find :) What I post about food is a combination of my experimentation and what I learned from my travels. What I post about technology is a combination of what I see trending in the industry in addition to my online diary of how to do things because I'm likely to forget and have to rediscover how to do things all over again!!!

Blue Cheese Marinara Penne

Resuming my presentation of my culinary and gastronomic genius, I present this dish which I am certain commits several cardinal sins in Pasta land.  I certainly find it to be a sinful dish purely from a delight perspective.  It’s quite a … Continue reading

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Faux Mushroom Lemon Spaghetti

OK, yes, its been a while, my apologies, I had this thing called work and then I was traveling for near 50 days. So yeah. Anyhow, to make up for all of that, I’m giving you this brilliant dish 🙂 … Continue reading

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Ful Mdammas [Mashed Beans]

This my friends, is a gorgeous dish, a gastronomical work of art. No, not to look at, but the taste? Like the used to death New York Italian expression, “foggetaboudit!”.  This is something else. Quick school lesson. Ful (also commonly … Continue reading

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First post!

Wow, finally, I get to blog about one of my most favored subjects… wait for it… wait for it… waaaaiiiiit…. FOOD! 😀 Oh man, I so promise to write diligently and I promise to post only the most edible of … Continue reading

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